The Sin of Self-Worship, II

Posted on 03 Nov 2015, Pastor: Nathaniel Pringle

Misplaced motivation (for worship) exalts self over God

Problem 2: The sin of self-worship attempts manipulation (7)

  1. Manipulation mimics paganism (“heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do”)
  2. Manipulation assumes lack of attention from God
  3. Manipulation attacks God’s attributes

Remedy: True worship submits in obedience before the Father (8-15)

  1. True worship rests in the Father’s omniscience
  2. True worship delights in the Father’s omnipotence
  3. True worship depends on the Father’s care
  4. True worship follows the Father’s pattern

Preparing for true worship

  1. Submit to the Father in all your relationships
  2. Learn to depend on God for everything
  3. Remember that God is your Father