Don’t Rob God – Matthew 6:2-4

Posted on 19 Oct 2015, Pastor: Nathaniel Pringle


Good works robbing God of glory rob you of reward. Don’t rob God! Wait for your reward.

The diagnosis of self-glorifying: Good works that rob God of glory demand attention from people (v. 2)

Application: Today’s culture obsesses over self-glorification. Sports, super models, shopping, entertainment, and false religion feed the sinful desire to exalt self. Ultimately, all self-glorification ends in some form of destruction (James 1:15). Committed followers of Christ will refrain from modeling the practice of Christianity on the patterns of culture.

The pattern of deferment: Good work that glorify God defer attention from people (vv. 3-4)

Application: Your Father fills His rewards with the savor of rest. Living in self-forgetfulness removes the strain of fulfilling self-centered desires while insuring those around notice your self-depreciating piety.

Good Works that Rob God – Matthew 6 2-4 – handout version