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- Posted on 31 Oct 2017, Pastor: Nathaniel Pringle

Scripture-Driven.    Christ-Centered.    Gospel-Proclaiming.

Eastside Community Bible Church exists to carry out the Scriptural purposes Christ gives to His church. In every aspect of our ministry, we strive to honor the Lord and offer worship that pleases Him. The all-sufficient Word of God guides us as we pursue Christ in all things and proclaim the gospel of Christ to all people. The services of ECBC focus on corporate praise, Scriptural exposition, prayer, and opportunities for fellowship around the things of the Lord. Edification and equipping of God’s people through clearly explained Scripture passages direct our time. We welcome you to join us and be fed as God’s Word is explained and applied to God’s people!

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  Pastor Pringle

Service Times 

Sunday @ 9:30 am – Pre-worship studies

Sunday @ 10:30 am – Worship Service

Wednesday @ 7:15 pm – Mid-week service and prayer


Character of Unyielding Unbelief – Matthew 11:16-19

Posted on 28 May 2016, Pastor: Nathaniel Pringle

Gospel Described – 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Posted on 28 Mar 2016

Gospel Conflict – Matthew 10:34-39

Posted on 25 Mar 2016

The Chief Shepherd’s Pasture

Posted on 26 Jan 2016, Pastor: Nathaniel Pringle

Our Purpose

Worshiping and Serving Christ
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Foundational Priority

Give Attention to God's Word
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Fellowship Priority

Maintain the Unity of Believers
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Outreach Priority

Make Disciples Locally and Globally
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