bible-1021657_1920Bible Reading Plans

Reading through the Bible can seem overwhelming. The following plans provide a variety of options. Using different plans over a period of years helps broaden your grasp of the harmony of Scripture. You will find some suggestions below.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne Bible Reading Schedule – This plan guides you through the entire Bible once and the NT and Psalms twice in one year. You read from different parts of Scripture each day.

Thematic Bible Reading Plan – This plan harmonizes Scriptural themes across the Bible while working consecutively through individual books. The link leads to one of many available thematic plans.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan (– historical order. Helpful to understand how passages in the historical books harmonize with the Psalms or how Paul’s letters fit into his missionary journeys recorded in Acts.

If you own an iOS device, this app contains numerous options – including an intensive 60-day plabible-879085_1920n!

Also, the ESV app from Crossway comes pre-loaded with a variety of plans.

Ultimately, your goal should be annual exposure to the entire revelation of God and daily feeding from the nourishment of the Word. Setting aside one hour each day will normally be sufficient to attain both goals. When you think how easy it is to spend an hour watching TV or surfing the web or pursuing a hobbie, giving an hour each day to spiritual growth and listening to God is not much.

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