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The dining room is a great space for art. Even in homes with an open layout, where the dining room is part of the kitchen or family room, there’s often wall space just waiting for the right pieces of artwork. When positioning the artworks on your walls, consider your vantage point to ensure you can enjoy the view while seated at the table. The layout of your furniture can help guide where you position the art on the wall, for instance, if you have a buffet table or sideboard, use a tried-and-true rule: hang the center of the artwork at approximately 57” from the floor. This ensures ease of viewing the art while standing or sitting. For a wall without furniture, create an arrangement of several pieces of varying sizes to spark dinner conversation, and even whet the appetite. Though it may feel unnatural, consider hanging the entire arrangement closer to the floor or ceiling than you might be accustomed to. This bold approach can create a dramatic statement that keeps everyone at the dinner table long after the meal is done. Art and food are perfect partners in dining.

Find Art for your Dining Room

Find Art for your Dining Room

If it’s true that you eat with your eyes first, then your dining room is a brilliant place to showcase art. No matter if you’re decorating a cozy breakfast nook or a vibrant entertaining space, art can go a long way in setting the mood for your dining room and giving it intentional polish.
Tips for choosing dining room art

Tips for choosing dining room art

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking art for your dining space. If you’re looking for ideas on where to start, here are 3!
  1. Choose Energizing Colors: Bright, saturated hues will add vibrancy to your space—great for a room where you wine and dine!
  2. Go Big & Bold: Got large, blank walls? Fill them with an oversized canvas for a striking, yet not too busy, focal point.
  3. Match the Spirit of the Room: How do you want to feel in your dining room—cozy, inspired, vivacious? Pick art that matches the vibe!
Think outside the takeout box

Think outside the takeout box

Just because it’s a dining room doesn’t mean you can only hang food-themed art! If that’s what you like, then embrace it, but if you’re not sure consider this permission to try other themes. A few of our favorites include abstracts, landscapes, and even botanical art.